Salam! I am Pandu, and I’m from Indonesia. I’ve been doing art since I was a kid. For me, art is a way to share messages and art can be therapeutic for both the creator and the person who sees it. One of my favorite things about my work is knowing that my illustrations can help children to understand and enjoy learning. I enjoy digital art because it’s fast and fun, but I love creating art in other kinds of media too. Outside my work as an illustrator, I like working out, watching movies, and listening to music. Lots of things make me happy, like spending time with my loved ones and helping people to be better.

In this illustration, children learn about doing “Nyanting,” also known as batik making. Batik fabric is handmade in Indonesia by artisans using techniques passed on for generations. Invented in Java, Indonesia, around the 5th Century, batik making requires steady hands and excellent drawing skills. Artisans draw patterns using wax onto pieces of cloth, dye the cloth, boil out the wax, and then dry it in the sun. For multi-colored fabrics, multiple rounds of waxing and dyeing are required.

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