Scope & Sequence

Scope & Sequence

Give your students the gift of language instruction that reinforces their core instruction.

Throughout this collaborative process, our National Curriculum & Instruction Specialist will work directly with you to ensure each scope and sequence is customized and mapped to your grade level content and student proficiency level.

Language instruction is elevated when mapped to core content. So why not make your language and content objectives flow together?


Flashlight Custom Scope & Sequence. Where content meets language instruction.

Research shows that academic language taught in connection with core learning concepts and grade-level instruction is retained at a higher rate and better prepares students of all grades for success in school and beyond.

Custom Scope & Sequence maps to the content and curriculum of your choice. So you can keep students on track toward proficiency.

Flashlight Custom Scope & Sequence will help you map your language instruction to Flashlight360 by providing:

Prompts written specifically to drive language and standards targeted by your curriculum and established learning outcomes
Suggested scaffolds such as sentence starters and/or frames and a word bank to support varying language proficiency levels
Unique images are created as needed to align with your curriculum topics and stimulate on-target Tier II and III vocabulary

At the end of the day, the work of mapping language instruction to core content doesn’t have to be such a bear.


Download the State Language Assessment Checklist

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