Formative Assessment
For Speaking & Writing

Flashlight360 was developed to provide teachers with a flexible system that makes the formative assessment of speaking and writing easy in any environment. Teachers can then use that data to progress monitor students and inform their instruction throughout the school year.

Why Flashlight360?

We Simplify Student Speaking for Teachers

Many teachers find the formative assessment of speaking to be daunting. Flashlight360 breaks down speaking into five areas that allows teachers to identify where a student is excelling and where there is work to do. 

Actionable Data to Progress Monitor Student Speaking

Flashlight360 provides teachers with data to inform instructional planning, create student groups for differentiation, and progress monitor student speaking and writing throughout the school year. This data helps teachers provide students with feedback to accelerate language development.

Teachers are able to analyze student speaking and writing data by performance in each speaking and writing area and according to the learning goals they have created for each of their students.

Speaking Practice

Flashlight360 allows students rich speaking and writing opportunities allowing them to practice their language as they work towards ELA/ELD standards-aligned learning goals. This practice emboldens students to participate more in the classroom and showcase their newfound confidence and language on their high stakes assessment.

Data-Driven Students

Helping students become assessment capable learners starts with putting each student’s data in their hands. Flashlight360 makes learning visible with easy-to-read graphs and charts. Students can see where they are excelling and where they have work to do so they can take ownership of their learning.

We Help You Help Your Students


Asynchronously Assesses Speaking

Flashlight360 is flexible and allows students to complete their speaking and writing assessment at home or in the classroom independent of their teachers. Teachers can review student work and provide feedback at a time that is convenient for them.

100+ Language Learning Goals

Teachers have access to more than 100 speaking and writing goals that align to ELA, ELD, and college and career readiness standards. Teachers can individualize learning goals for each student to give them the direction they need to accelerate language development.

An Assets-Based Assessment!

Flashlight360 uses an assets-based approach that allows each of your K-12 students to showcase their language and knowledge. We serve every proficiency level on your students’ journey to develop language.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have been waiting to have a true progress monitoring tool that can be used for all students in K-12th grades at all language levels. That’s what Flashlight360 brings to the table. It is an interactive progress monitoring tool for speaking and writing with a dose of vocabulary building.

David Gomez
Director of Educational Equity

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