Give your students what they need to own their own growth

Flashlight360 has been a game changer for many of my students.

Diane Eaton

West Lake STEM Junior High

A researched-based process that works. Language growth you can count on

We saw our speaking scores skyrocket.

Nicole Sanchez

Instructional Coach

Giving your teachers a tool to inform instruction

It’s given us a structure to teach our students the writing and speaking process.

Kristin Dahl

ELL Specialist 

Building your students' confidence to use their language in every situation, including their high stakes assessments

There’s such a big difference in their confidence. It’s almost like it’s not even a big deal.

Maggie Etherington

ELL Specialist 

Give your students the gift of immediate feedback

For the first time, we’ve really had a tool that gives our teachers … the ability to give students feedback on a regular basis.

Creighton Helms

Director of Student Services 

Language proficiency growth your teachers and students can track

They now are able to write more and use the academic language

Kristin Dahl

ELL Specialist 

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