South Korea

안녕하세요! I am Rebecca, a digital and watercolor illustrator. I create magical and mystical scenes influenced by my Korean heritage. Art makes me happy; it keeps me motivated and helps me work through health issues. I work in watercolor, alcohol ink, oil, and colored pencil. For fun, I enjoy rock climbing, drawing, eating, kendo (martial arts), video games, and trying new crafts. My favorite food is spicy soft tofu soup. My hobbies are making jewelry, painting, drawing, needle felting, and singing. I find happiness in family and friends, going to fairs, supporting small businesses, and trying new foods and sweets.

This piece represents important stories in Korean history. On the right is King Sejong the Great. After many years of Koreans having to use Chinese characters, King Sejong created a new alphabet, which Korea uses to this day. On the left is a depiction of the Hengju women who are known for their bravery during the war between Korea and Japan. The women fought off Japanese soldiers by using their long dresses to carry heavy stones and rocks, which they threw over the hill at the approaching soldiers.

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