こんにちは! I’m Ashley, an American artist living in Japan. Since graduating with a BFA, I have worked as a digital illustrator, an art teacher, and a background and character designer. While my preferred medium is digital art, I love to use Copic Markers and colored pencils together. I’m drawn to Japanese illustration styles, Rococo art, and fantasy art. I also enjoy writing, creating stickers, trying new food, being in nature, swimming, playing with my dog, and spending time with my husband and son. My favorite food is Takoyaki.

This illustration shows Yōkai wandering in a village. In Japanese folklore, Yōkai are Japanese spirits who often have mysterious and supernatural powers. Some look like humans, animals, or common household items, but all have altered features, such as the ladies with long necks seen here or the boy with one eye who is walking his dog. Like Pokémon, Yōkai are mystical Japanese creatures that are now famous around the world.

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