Research Brief

Research Brief

Johns Hopkins Study Confirms Flashlight360’s Impact on Elevating Students’ Speaking and Writing Proficiency on WIDA ACCESS

In a significant affirmation of its mission to enhance language learning, Flashlight Learning announces the findings of a groundbreaking study conducted by the Johns Hopkins School of Education. The study reveals that Flashlight360 is making a measurable difference in the language proficiency of multilingual students, as evidenced by their performance on the WIDA state language assessment.

Flashlight Learning is built on research-proven principles and follows a continuous cycle of research, review, feedback, and improvement to help K-12 multilingual students of all language levels, from all backgrounds, achieve their greatest possible gains. The recent Johns Hopkins study corroborates anecdotal evidence from educators nationwide while highlighting the substantial impact of Flashlight360 on students’ language acquisition and proficiency.

We started Flashlight Learning to give language learners a platform to showcase what they know and are able to do using all of their language. We want them to have the language they need to dream big and we want their teachers to have the progress data to facilitate their learning. We are thrilled that this study is validating the growth we have been hearing about from across the country.

Justin Hewett, CEO of Flashlight Learning

About Flashlight Learning

Flashlight Learning is an innovative education technology company dedicated to enhancing language learning for multilingual students. By harnessing the power of feedback and progress data through its flagship product, Flashlight360, the company empowers educators to make informed decisions that significantly improve student outcomes.

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