“Γεια σας! My name is Athina, I am a Greek American illustrator who loves creating art on my computer. While my favorite medium is digital art, I also enjoy exploring traditional pencil, ink, and watercolor. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree along with degree in forensic investigation. When I’m not drawing, I can be found reading, making music, or enjoying cheesy 80s horror movies with my five dogs.

This work represents some of the famous individuals from Greek mythology. In the sky is the proud Icarus on his ill-fated flight with his wings of wax, while in the foreground the three Fates control the lives of mankind. Nearby, angry Poseidon yells, and Narcissus gazes into the water at a reflection of himself. The multi-headed Hydra is the central focal point of this piece, as it is one of the most iconic creatures in Greek mythology.

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