¡Hola! I am Brenda, an illustrator from Chile. I enjoy doing character design, portraits, 2D and 3D illustrations, cartoons, and book illustrations. I love seeing how characters, colors and stories begin to appear from my imagination onto a blank canvas. I love music and singing, and I play guitar a little. I have a puppy named Luna, who is very cute and funny. Being in nature makes me happy. I love to spend time with my partner and laugh with my friends and my family. My favorite food is tea with honey accompanied by a chocolate—it is delicious! Since I really like honey, I became a beekeeper. I have 2 hives and many bees. :)

In Chile it is a tradition to fly kites on national holidays. In this illustration, friends gather to fly kites in the park. Chile is a country surrounded by mountains, which is why you almost always see hills and mountains in the background.

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