Lead Artist


Hi there! I’m Jim, the lead artist at Flashlight Learning. I’ve been a professional illustrator for almost 30 years. I also teach illustration classes at a local college. I use Photoshop and sometimes traditional media like acrylic and oil paints to create my art. I enjoy the outdoors and love to backpack deep into nature. If I could pick one thing to illustrate, it would be animals.

This illustration of a Pony Express rider portrays the adventurous spirit of the American West. Jim has always liked imagery from the beginnings of the United States, the openness of the country, and the toughness of the land. To be a pony express rider required bravery, strength and endurance, so Jim used those feelings to inspire this piece.

Jim loves drawing animals, and what better place to draw them in a jungle? In this piece, tropical trees and branches create a playground for a jaguar, toucan, lemurs, chameleon, macaw, poison dart frog, and other creatures. “There are so many colorful creations out there to pull inspiration from, and the green background breathes life into it all,” says Jim.

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