!السلام علیکم I’m Miley, a Pakistani children’s book illustrator based in the UAE. Making art makes me feel optimistic and hopeful. In addition to digital art, I also love watercolor. I have a Persian cat named Fifi whom I adore! When I’m not drawing or doodling, I can be found roller skating with my sister, reading, knitting clothes for my cat, or binge-watching Sci-Fi movies.

This piece depicts a South-Asian festival known as Mela. A girl in the foreground runs happily, holding pink cotton candy bought from the Mela stalls behind her. Nearby is a woman wearing a traditional Kurta, and an old man, dressed in a white “shalwar and kameez” (a long tunic with loose trousers). A Ferris wheel peeks out above a rickshaw. Colorful balloons and stalls line the way as a girl dressed in orange waves out her window.

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