Product Update – Flashlight360 Shines a Light on Student Progress

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a new feature that provides teachers and administrators more visibility into student progress for assignments and benchmarks.


Enhanced Visibility for Enhanced Support

Teachers now have the ability to see which students haven’t started, are in progress, or have finished their assignments, right from the assignment list.

This will allow teachers to:

  • Provide targeted support: Identify students who need extra help before, during, and after an assignment.
  • Give enhanced feedback: Understand individual student progress within each stage of the assignment, leading to more relevant and impactful feedback for students.
  • Streamline scoring: Jump seamlessly into the scoring flow for submitted tasks, saving time and reducing hassle.


What’s New?

From the Assignment or Benchmark list page, teachers can click the numbers in the “Submissions” column to open three slide-outs.

Not Started slide-out

  • Click the right-most red number in the “Submissions” column to see who hasn’t opened the assignment, allowing you to proactively reach out and offer support.

In Progress slide-out

  • Click the middle orange number in the “Submissions” column to view the progress of students who’ve started but not yet completed the assignment.
  • The progress bar indicates which step(s) of the assignment flow have been completed (labeling → speaking → writing)

Submitted slide-out

  • Click the left-most green number in the “Submissions” column to discover who’s finished the assignment.
  • A green checkmark will indicate that the student’s assignment has been scored—click the students name to navigate to their score report.
  • For those that have not been scored, click a student’s name to jump directly into the grading flow (except for Benchmark assignments queued for scoring by the Flashlight scoring team). For schools that have purchased Flashlight Insight, your Benchmarks are sent directly to the Flashlight Scoring Team.

We are confident that these updates will allow teachers and super admins to anticipate students’ completion of the assignment, and improve the scoring and feedback process.


Get in Touch

We’re committed to continuously improving Flashlight360 to empower educators and elevate student success. If you’d like to provide feedback to our product team and help guide the future of Flashlight360, please reach out to


Additional Resources

Click here to access a Loom video recording from our Customer Success team, explaining how to take advantage of this new feature.

Click here to download the Assignment Visibility Task Card created by our Customer Success team with step-by-step instructions for accessing student assignment data.

Click here to download the Benchmark Visibility Task Card created by our Customer Success team with step-by-step instructions for accessing student benchmark data.

Stay tuned for more Flashlight360 product updates and features and follow us on social media.


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