Product Update – Improving Benchmark Visibility for Teachers

We’ve released a significant update to our Benchmarks feature for customers taking advantage of our Flashlight Insight scoring service, providing enhanced visibility and functionality for teachers. This update addresses key user feedback and streamlines the process of assigning, tracking, and accessing benchmark data.

Enhanced Teacher Access to Benchmark Scores and Feedback

Teachers now have direct access to the Flashlight Learning-provided scores and feedback for their students’ benchmark assessments. This valuable information allows teachers to:
  • Personalize the learning experience: Use the overall score, specific speaking indicator scores, and the individualized feedback to tailor instruction to meet the specific needs of each student.
  • Gain early insights: Access benchmark results early in the school year, providing ample time to adjust goals and strategies for improved learning outcomes.
  • Trust the reliability of scores: Rely on the expertise of Flashlight’s scoring team, ensuring the accuracy and validity of benchmark assessments.
School and District administrators can trust that teachers are receiving the valuable insights regarding student performance and ability to improve outcomes, which will ultimately improve student performance on end-of-year language assessments.

Key Updates

The updated Benchmarks feature includes several key enhancements:
  • Universal search bar: Easily locate specific benchmarks using the search bar on the Benchmark List and Grading Queue pages.
  • Advanced filtering: Filter benchmarks by district, school, grade level, and scoring status (Flashlight-scored or teacher-scored).
  • Automatic assignment for classes: Students added to a class after benchmarks have been assigned will automatically receive the benchmark assessment.
  • Benchmark status indicators: View the status of each benchmark assignment (assigned, in progress, completed, scoring in progress, or scored).
  • Scored benchmark access: Teachers can access and review Flashlight-scored benchmarks, including overall scores, indicator scores, and personalized feedback.
Empowering Personalized Learning

By providing teachers with direct access to benchmark scores and feedback, we are empowering educators to make informed decisions about their students’ learning pathways. Additionally, enhanced administrative oversight ensures that benchmark data is effectively utilized to drive district-wide improvement initiatives.

We are committed to providing our customers with the tools and resources they need to support personalized learning and improve student outcomes. The updated Benchmarks feature is a testament to this commitment, and we look forward to hearing your feedback as you experience the enhanced functionality.


What’s Coming Next?

Many districts and schools have already begun the Middle Of Year (MOY) round of benchmark assessments for their students. The Flashlight360 Product Team is working hard to provide better access to data insights for teachers and administrators to both compare individual student progress overtime and compare the overall progress of all students.

We want to hear from you as we design and build additional features to unlock these important capabilities. If you’d like to provide feedback to our product team and help guide the future of Flashlight360, please reach out to


Additional Resources

Click here to access a Loom video recording from our Customer Success team, explaining how to take advantage of this new feature.

Click here to download the Task Card created by our Customer Success team with step-by-step instructions for accessing student benchmark data.

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